Top 10 Best Lake Texoma Restaurants

by Ray Roman Updated on Dec 31, 2023

If you are going to visit Lake Texoma you should know there is an excellent selection of restaurants in and around the lake. In this guide, we feature the Top 10 Best Lake Texoma restaurants; trust us, you won’t be disappointed. We have visited just about all of these restaurants on Lake Texoma and can honestly say they are all very good.

Best Lake Texoma Restaurants

Ollie’s Juke Joint & Cafe

We live just down the street from Ollie’s, and it is one of our favorite Lake Texoma restaurants. Ollie’s is a New Orlean’s inspired joint with excellent Cajun food. This is one of the best places to eat on Lake Texoma.

In addition to the Gator Balls, Dirty Balls, Crab Bombs various Cajun dishes, they also have American-style burgers and pizza. Occasionally they will have live music, which for the most part, we’ve enjoyed.

Reasons You Should Visit Ollie’s

  1. Delicious food at a reasonable price.
  2. Efficient and attentive staff.

Contact Information

Website: Ollie’s Juke Joint
Address: 4030 Enos Road, Kingston, OK 73439
Telephone: (580) 745-5783

Hobo Joe’s

Hobo Joe’s is a family-owned restaurant with two locations. One in Madill, OK, and the other in Dension, TX. We frequent the location in Madill, as it is the closest to our home on Lake Texoma.

Hobo Joe’s has some of the best-tasting brick-oven pizza in the area. You can get several styles like the Supreme, the BBQ, and the Caroline. We love sitting at the bar and eating pizza and drinking cold beer.

This is another of our top favorite Lake Texoma restaurants.

Reasons You Should Visit Hobo Joe’s

  1. Great brick-oven
  2. Cold beer
  3. Friendly staff

Contact Information

Website: Hobo Joe’s
Address: 301 N 1st St, Madill, OK 73446
Telephone: (580) 795-3403

Pelicans Landing Restaurant

Pelican’s Landing Restaurant offers a spectacular view of lovely Lake Texoma, whether dining indoors or on the terrace in a pleasant and relaxed setting. It is one of our Lake Texoma restaurants on the water with free courtesy docks.

We love the food at this Lake Texoma marina restaurant, the service is usually very good and view is fantastic/ For the best view go just before the sun is setting.

Reasons You Should Visit Pelicans Landing Restaurant

  1. Mesmerizing view.
  2. Quick service.

Read our review of Pelican’s Land Lake Texoma.

Contact Information

Website: Pelicans Landing Restaurant
Address: 500 Harbour View Rd, Gordonville, TX 76245
Telephone: 903-523-4500

BAY at the Lake

Offers a wide variety of baked items and ready-to-eat dishes. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, their new bar and event facility opens with a full-service bar, terrace seating, fantastic cuisine, and an unforgettable experience.

Reasons You Should Visit BAY at the Lake

  1. Vegan friendly.
  2. Welcoming and efficient employees.

Contact Information

Website: BAY at the Lake
Address: 50055 TX-289, Pottsboro, TX 75076
Telephone: +1 903-912-5515

Sammie’s Kitchen by The Lake

Sammie’s Kitchen by the Lake serves delicious meals in a welcoming atmosphere with attentive service. Located in the center of Texas, near Lake Texoma.

Reasons You Should Visit Sammie’s Kitchen by the Lake

  1. Quick service
  2. Tasty foods at a reasonable price.

Contact Information

Facebook Page: Sammies kitchen By The Lake
Address: 83493 TX-289 #2, Pottsboro, TX 75076
Telephone: 214-794-3125

The Point Restaurant

They are a Lake Texoma beachfront restaurant specializing in terrific food, beautiful views, and excellent service. They are open Thursday through Sunday all year, serving a conventional American menu with a few kinds of seafood and Southern specialties thrown in for good measure.

Reasons You Should Visit The Point Restaurant:

  1. Quick service
  2. Spellbinding view

Contact Information

Website: The Point Restaurant
Address: 1711 Harbor Rd, Denison, TX 75020
Telephone: 903-464-0989

Big Fish Grill

Big Fish Grill is a modest restaurant on the Gas Dock at Mill Creek Resort & Marina. Visit them by boat or automobile and enjoy a dinner with a view of Lake Texoma. Big Fish delivers traditional American cuisine.

Reasons You Should Visit Big Fish Grill

  1. Delicious food
  2. Fantastic decor

Contact Information

Website: Big Fish Grill
Address: 63 Mill Creek Resort Rd, Pottsboro, TX 75076
Telephone: 903-786-3824

Commodore Steakhouse

Meals are served with a breathtaking view of Lake Texoma. Their menu has something for everyone, from their trademark Pepper Steak to fresh seafood specialties to a romantic Chateaubriand for two.

Reasons You Should Visit Commodore Steakhouse

  1. Great ambiance.
  2. The quality of food is pristine.

Contact Information

Website: Commodore Steakhouse
Address: 290 Tanglewood Cir, Pottsboro, TX 75076
Telephone: 903-786-2968

Big Daddy’s at Highport

Big Daddy’s is a regional restaurant with a sports bar ambiance and lakeshore casual dining. On Lake Texoma, it provides stunning views of Highport Marina and the famed Party Cove Islands.

Reasons You Should Visit Big Daddy’s at Highport

  1. Very clean establishment
  2. Beautiful decor.

Contact Information

Website: Big Daddy’s at Highport
Address: 120 Texoma Harbor Dr, Pottsboro, TX 75076
Telephone: 903-786-7659

Anchor N Restaurant

This is one of the best Lake Texoma restaurants for breakfast. Tammy and I love coming here on Saturday mornings with my in-laws. The Anchor “N” Restaurant is located within the marina. Everything is made from scratch, including the chicken fried steak, salmon, and burgers. During the summer weekends, there are brisket and steak deals.

Reasons You Should Visit Anchor N Restaurant

  1. Children friendly
  2. Mouthwatering platter
  3. The best chicken-fried steak we have found

Contact Information

Website: Anchor N Restaurant
Address: 14584 Arrowhead Point Rd, Kingston, OK 73439
Telephone: 580-564-2536

Lake Texoma Restaurants Final Thoughts

When deciding which Lake Texoma restaurants to visit, you may have a tough time because they are all very good. Hobo Joe’s is the place to go if you are looking for great beer and pizza. If breakfast is more to your liking with a view of Lake Texoma, the Anchor “N” Restaurant may be more to your liking.

Restaurants near Lake Texoma or on the Lake offer a wide variety of dining options for visitors and locals alike. If you enjoyed this post, check out the Top 10 Lake Texoma resorts and learn about the best casinos around Lake Texoma.

Ray Roman
Ray is the founder/author of Go Lake Texoma. He and his wife Tammy live on Lake Texoma. They created this Lake Texoma visitor's guide to help the millions of visitors yearly enjoy all the great things Lake Texoma has to offer.