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Last Updated on August 17, 2023 by Ray Roman

Monitoring water levels in Lake Texoma, like in other bodies of water, is crucial for various reasons. These include ensuring the safety and functionality of local infrastructure, planning for recreational activities like fishing and boating, and managing the lake’s ecosystem health.

Water Level Lake Texoma:

The chart below is the latest water level at Lake Texoma. This chart is updated daily.


Chart courtesy https://www.swt-wc.usace.army.mil/DENI.lakepage.html

Lake Texoma water levels can be affected by a variety of factors. One of the most significant is the rainfall in the lake’s drainage basin. Other factors include temperature, evaporation rates, human activities such as water withdrawals for municipal or industrial use, or the operation of the Denison Dam for flood control and electricity generation.

Water Level and Temperature

The current water level of Lake Texoma can vary throughout the year due to weather patterns and dam releases. As for the temperature, it fluctuates based on the season. In summer, the water temperature can reach around 80-85°F, while in winter, it can drop to 50-55°F. It is important to check real-time data for accurate information.

Denison Dam water release. It’s important to stay updated on the current water release from Denison Dam. Check real-time updates, water levels, and any potential impacts on surrounding areas. Plan your activities accordingly with the most recent information for a safe and enjoyable experience.

What influences Lake Texoma Lake Levels?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the factors that can influence the water levels of Lake Texoma.

  1. Rainfall: This is the most critical factor that can raise the water levels of Lake Texoma. The lake’s catchment area is vast, including the immediate surrounding land but the whole of the Red and Washita River basins. Any significant rainfall within these areas can increase the water flow into the lake.
  2. Temperature and evaporation: The weather and climate play a significant role in the lake’s water level. Higher temperatures lead to higher evaporation rates, which can lower the water level. Climate change could potentially impact this balance, leading to more prolonged periods of heat and, therefore, higher evaporation rates.
  3. Water release through Denison Dam: The Denison Dam was built for multiple purposes, including flood control, water supply, hydroelectric power, and recreation. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers controls water outflow from the lake through the dam. During periods of heavy rain, they may release more water to prevent flooding, which can significantly lower the lake’s water levels.
  4. Human activities: These include water extraction for municipal, agricultural, and industrial uses. In periods of drought, these activities can lower the water level. Also, the construction of new infrastructure within the catchment area can affect how much water flows into the lake.
  5. Natural events: Certain natural occurrences, such as earthquakes, landslides, or severe storms, can dramatically influence water levels either by blocking water inflow or by dumping vast amounts of water into the lake.
  6. Aquatic and shoreline vegetation: Vegetation in the lake and along its shore can affect water levels. These plants can absorb significant amounts of water, and in some cases, changes in the types or quantities of vegetation due to invasive species or human intervention can impact water levels.

Water Levels Lake Texoma Final Thoughts

To stay updated with the water level of Lake Texoma, you’d typically check with the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) real-time water data, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or the local water management authorities who monitor these levels consistently. Please note that water levels on Lake Texoma can change rapidly, especially during severe weather conditions.

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