Lake Texoma Boat Ramps – The Ultimate List

by Ray Roman Updated on May 11, 2024

Boating is a significant activity on Lake Texoma. There are many boat ramps available to the public. We have compiled the most complete list of Lake Texoma boat ramps available

Lake Texoma boat ramps

Corps of Engineers Campgrounds with Boat Ramps

Buncombe Creek Campground

Caney Creek Campground

Nestled on the northern shores of Lake Texoma in the picturesque Cross Timbers Region of Oklahoma, you’ll discover the Caney Creek Campground. This charming camping facility is proudly owned and expertly managed by the Corps of Engineers. Caney Creek is it if you’re looking to embark on an outdoor adventure in this splendid location.

Spillway At Denison Dam

The Spillway boat ramp is a gigantic six-lane ramp on the Lake Texoma dam’s Texas side. This ramp was built deep into the lake by the Army Corps of Engineers. In addition, the ramp is quite steep. Access to boat ramps on the Texas side and the Red River on the Oklahoma side is via Hwy 91 in Texas.

Contact Information
Website: Spillway Boat Ramp
Address: 450 Spur 135, Burkeville, TX 75932
Telephone: 903 465-4990

East Burns Run

West Burns Run

Johnson Creek

Johnson Creek’s boat ramp is one of the most beautiful on the lake. The Army Corps of Engineers built this ramp in a cove. The ramp is two lanes long and features a lovely boat dock.

Contact Information
Website: Johnson Creek Boat Ramp
Address: 249 Johnson Rd, Mead, OK
Telephone: 580-924-7316

Juniper Point

The boat ramps at Juniper Point are available all year except the east Juniper Boat Ramp. Boat ramps are two-lane ramps with boat docks allowing people to be picked up. Within the park, there are also good restrooms.

Contact Information
Website: Juniper Point Boat Ramps
Address: 32843 US-377, Gordonville, TX 76245
Telephone: 903-523-0024


Platters Flats Campgrounds

Preston Bend

Boat Ramps Lake Texoma Marinas

Alberta Creek

The Alberta Creek boat ramp is a lovely one-lane ramp with a boat dock where guests may be picked up. The ramp is located in the Alberta Creek Marina near Kingston, Oklahoma, on the Oklahoma side of Lake Texoma.

When it comes to Lake Texoma boat ramps, this is one of our favorites.

Contact Information
Website: Alberta Creek Boat Ramp
Address: 9040 Clear Lake Drive, Kingston, OK 73439
Telephone: 580-564-2552

Big Mineral

Big Mineral Marina’s boat ramp is an excellent two-lane boat ramp. The ramp is located on the south shore of Lake Texoma in a fantastic marina. Around the boat launch, there is sufficient parking.

Contact Information
Website: Big Mineral Boat Ramp
Address: 2889 Big Mineral Rd, Sadler, TX 76264
Telephone: 903-523-4287

Bridgeview Marina

Buncombe Creek Marina

Catfish Bay Marina

Cedar Bayou Marina

Cedar Mills Marina

The Cedar Mills launch ramp is a fantastic place to start your Texoma boating journey. You must register and acquire your parking pass at the Ship’s Store.

Contact Information
Website: Cedar Mills Boat Ramp
Address: Gordonville, TX 76245
Telephone: 903-523-4222

Eisenhower Yacht Club Marina

Flowing Mills Marina

Grandpappy Point Marina

Highport Marina

Highport Marina’s boat ramp is an excellent two-lane boat ramp. Throughout the year, a variety of events are held at this ramp.

Contact Information
Website: Highport Marina Boat Ramp
Address: 120 Texoma Harbor Dr, Pottsboro, TX 75076
Telephone: 903-786-7000

Lighthouse Marina

Little Glasses Marina

Little Mineral Marina

Marina del Rey

Lighthouse Marina

The Lighthouse Marina has two excellent boat ramps. The first is a tiny ramp for personal watercraft, while the second is an excellent one-lane boat ramp. The marina is situated in the heart of the lake.

Contact Information
Website: Lighthouse Marina Boat Ramp
Address: 300 Lighthouse Dr, Pottsboro, TX 75076
Telephone: 903-361-5070

Little Glasses Marina

Little Mineral Marina

Marina Del Rey

Mill Creek Marina

Newberry Creek Marina

Rock Creek Resort Marina

Walnut Creek Marina

Will Spring Marina

Platter Flats

The boat ramp in Platter Flats is a one-lane ramp with a boat dock. The Army Corps of Engineers operates this park and boat ramp. Out of the wind, this boat ramp is tucked away in a secluded bay.

Contact Information
Website: Platter Flats Boat Ramp
Address: Trail Ride Rd, Calera, OK 74730
Telephone: 580-434-5864

Cardinal Cove

Cardinal Cove has two boat ramps. One can be accessed via Williams Farms Road, and the second boat ramp is accessed via Amos Drive.

They are both single-boat ramps with plenty of parking for your trailer. There is a $5 optional donation that helps pay for upkeep. We recommend donating as it keeps the area clean and well-maintained.

Boat Ramps at Lake Texoma Parks and Resorts

Lake Texoma State Park

Eisenhower State Park

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Lake Texoma Boat Ramps Final Thoughts

There are many Lake Texoma boat ramps to choose from., so I suggest you visit the ones you are interested in. If they look good to you, then by all means, use them to enjoy boating on Lake Texoma.

Don’t forget some of them have daily fees. Check out our article on the best Lake Texoma boat rentals and Lake Texoma marinas.

Ray Roman
Ray is the founder/author of Go Lake Texoma. He and his wife Tammy live on Lake Texoma. They created this Lake Texoma visitor's guide to help the millions of visitors yearly enjoy all the great things Lake Texoma has to offer.