Top 10 Best Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Did you know that Lake Texoma is considered to be one of the top Striped Bass fisheries in the US?  Some even consider it to be the Striper capital of the world! 

If fishing is your hobby or even your obsession there are countless Lake Texoma fishing guides ready and willing to show you where the fish are plentiful and biting! 

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

1. Dan Barnett and Jacob Orr’s Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service

One of the oldest Lake Texoma Fishing guides is Dan Barnett. He has been a Lake Texoma fishing guide for over 20 years.  Dan believes Lake Texoma is one of the best striper fishing lakes in the country! He and Jacob are full-time fishing guides and are so confident in their ability to help others find fish they guarantee you will catch fish or your next trip is free!  

Dan along with his six additional guides have over 100 years of collective fishing experience.  Fishing is a passion for these men and their goal is to ensure you catch fish and have a great time.  They are family-friendly and even offer special rates at the Tanglewood Resort for anyone fishing with Dan Barnett and his crew.  

The rates for Dan Barnett and Jacob Orr’s Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service is broken down into group size and varies between $450 for three people or up to $750 for six people.  One child (12 and under) is free per boat.

Dan Barnett

Nighthawk Drive and Lake Shore Drive

Pottsboro, TX 75076


To message the group directly visit their contact page here

2. Lake Texoma Striper Hunter Guide Service

Lake Texoma Striper Hunter Guide Service is owned and operated by Stephen Andre’ who has been fishing since he was three years old. Stephen’s guides are artificial lure casting only.  He does not use live bait; he believes artificial lures allow for better fishing in both shallow and deep waters.

Stephen is a USCG licensed Lake Texoma fishing guide that is eager and well-prepared to take you and your friends or family on an entertaining guided fishing trip. His family-friendly (and beer-friendly) services include all rods, reels, lures, and fish cleaning.  All you need to bring are drinks and snacks!

Lake Texoma Striper Hunter Guide Service rates vary and start with a minimum fee of $500 for 1-3 people and go up to $975 for six people.  As previously mentioned, these rates do include all fishing rods, artificial lures, casting instruction, and fish cleaning. All bookings require a credit card and a $250 deposit.

512 Mill Creek Resort Rd, Boathouse 3

Pottsboro, TX 75076


Email: [email protected] 

3. Captain Marty’s Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Captain Marty has been a full-time Lake Texoma striper fishing guide since 1984.  He was born in the Texoma area and has been fishing the lake since the 1960s.  His fishing guide business has grown to a team of six full-time guides who all share a love for fishing and the outdoors in general. 

The rates for Cpt Marty’s Lake Texoma fishing trips start at $400 for 1-2 people and increase as high as $900 for six people. They do require a $250 deposit. 

Texoma Fishing

500 Harbour View Road

Gordonville, TX 76245


Email: [email protected]

4. Sharps Striper Guide Service

Aaron Sharp is the owner/operator of Sharps Striper Guide Service and has over 15 years of experience.  He promises to make your fishing trip a memory of a lifetime!

No two trips are the same with Aaron Sharp as each trip is tailored for your group.  Most fishing trips start early for Aaron during the summer between 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM and between 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM during the winter.  At the beginning of your trip, you’ll be shown how and given a chance to practice with your rod and reel. 

Sharp’s Striper Guide Service provides a full day (6-8 hours) of excellent fishing with all rods, reels, live bait, fish cleaning, and life jackets at no additional charge.  They even guarantee you’ll catch Striper or your next trip is free!

Sharp’s Striper Guide Service’s fees are a minimum of three Anglers during the week (M-Th) at $150.00 per angler.  There is a minimum of four anglers on Fri-Sun, same rate.  Kids (ages 10 and under) are $75.  Each trip also requires a $150 deposit.

Sharps Striper Guide

9040 Clear Lake Drive

Kingston, OK 73439


Email: [email protected]

5. Lake Texoma Guide Service

The guide for Lake Texoma Guide Service is Stan Constant.  He’s been a full-time guide since 1982 and worked as a part-time guide for 20 years prior to 1982.  Nearly 80% of Stan’s clients are repeat clients which speaks volumes about the experiences and quality of the trips he offers.  He is fully licensed and insured and has fished Lake Texoma his entire life. 

Lake Texoma Guide Service offers guides for all group sizes and all ages.  They even offer additional services such as beverage service, catering and cookouts, lodging packages, and fishing and golf packages. 

Their rates vary between $325 for two people, $400 for 3 people, $125 per person for groups of 4 or more.  Child rates are $75 per child ages 5-12 with two paid adults.  Kids under 5 are free.  Most notable about their rates, they guarantee you’ll catch fish or your trip is free!

Lake Texoma Guide Service

4539 Alberta Creek Rd

Kingston, OK 73439


Email: [email protected]

6. Justin Parker’s Striper Guide Service

Justin Parker provides year-round guided morning or afternoon trips.  He can accommodate trips beginning at either Texas or Oklahoma Lake Texoma marinas.  Justin will give each customer a full trip of 5-6 hours even after the catch limit has been reached fishing will continue but must be catch-and-release.

During your trip expect to start early.  You’ll be given an opportunity to practice fishing with live bait (provided by Justin Parker) and to become accustomed to the rods and reels and be taught how to reel in a striper. Fishing locations will vary and may be numerous during your trip.  Once you’ve reached your catch limit or are ready to return (no more than 6 hours) Justin encourages pictures and then will clean and fillet and bag your fish. 

Justin’s rates are 1-3 anglers for $450, five anglers for $750, and six anglers for $900.  They do guarantee you’ll find fish or you do not pay for the day. Everything you’ll need for a successful day of fishing is included in these prices except drinks and snacks. 

Justin Parks Striper Guide Service

1410 N Alberta Creek Rd

Kingston, OK 73439


Email: [email protected]

7. Little Jon’s Lake Texoma Guide Service

Little Jon has over 20 years of striper fishing experience and loves to share his passion for fishing with his customers.  His guided fishing trips are family-friendly, all year long, and he guarantees memories to last a lifetime.  

Little Jon is licensed and insured.  He provides all the necessities for a great day on the water but you’ll need to bring your own drinks and snacks. He will also fillet and bag your fish for you. He does offer a guarantee you’ll find fish or your next trip is free. 

Little Jon’s rates start at $375 for 3 people and go up to $750 for 6 people per boat.  Kids ten and under are $75 Monday through Thursday. 

Little Jon’s Lake Texoma Guide Service

9040 Clear Lake Drive

Kingston, OK 73439


8. Striper Master Guide Service

Doug Keeter and his professional team at Striper Master Guide Service look forward to an opportunity to show you some of the best fishing on Lake Texoma.  He and his group live on Lake Texoma so they are very knowledgeable about the lake and the best places to fish as they fish it every day.

Doug enjoys offering trips to anglers of all experience levels and enjoys teaching kids how to fish.  He’s a great choice for your next family fishing trip.  Doug is U.S. Coast Guard, CPR, and First Aid certified. 

Your trip with Doug and his guides comes with rods, reels, live and artificial bait.  Your catch will be cleaned and bagged.  Morning trips start at daylight and afternoon trips at 2:00 PM. You will fish for 5 hours or until limits have been caught.  

The rates for Striper Master Guide Service are $400 for 1-3 people.  Each additional person is $125 for up to 6 people per boat.  Each boat will require a $200 deposit and there is a 72-hour notice required for cancellation. 

Striper Master Guide Service

120 Texoma Harbor Dr

Pottsboro, TX 75076


Email: [email protected]

9. Adventure Texoma Outdoors

John Blasingame, the owner of Adventure Texoma Outdoors, has been a Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide since 1999.  He was named the Best of Texoma – Fishing Guide by the Herald Democrat and the best Artificial Lure Guide in 2018.  The team at Adventure Texoma Outdoors is one of the few all artificial lure Lake Texoma fishing guides in the area. 

John takes immense pride in his customer satisfaction and feels that his repeat business reflects the dedication and hard work of the team at Adventure Texoma Outdoors. He doesn’t believe in returning to the dock immediately after catching the limit.  He wants you to fish until you’ve had enough!

John’s rates for a guided fishing trip are $500 for 1-4 anglers and then each additional person is $125.  He does require a deposit of $150.  

Adventure Texoma Outdoors

132 Grandpappy Dr

Denison, TX 75020


To email the team at Adventure Texoma Outdoors visit their contact page here

10. Sparky’s Guide Service

Larry Sparks and his team at Sparky’s Guide Service have tours every day running both morning and afternoon.  They encourage booking as far in advance as possible due to the numerous returning customers that tend to book a year in advance.

The Lake Texoma fishing guides at Sparky’s Guide Service are family-friendly and look forward to helping you and your family or employees or friends have an exciting day on the lake catching fish and making memories.

The rates for Sparky’s Guide Service are $125 per person with a $350 trip minimum.  This will include all the necessities for fishing and the cleaning and bagging of those fish after your trip.  You will be responsible for snacks and drinks.

Sparkys Guide Service

1401 Willow Springs Rd Dock #5

Mead, OK 73449


To email the team at Sparky’s Guide Service visit their contact page here

Any of the Lake Texoma fishing guides mentioned above are going to be able to show you a great day of fishing on the lake but to make your trip as enjoyable as possible remember to bring a few things:

Snacks and Drinks – Almost all guides require you to supply your own food.

Sunscreen – You’ll be on the water anywhere from 4-6 hours and the sun will be just as eager to see you as you will be to see the fish.

An empty Ice Chest – Most guides are going to clean and bag your catch but you’ll be responsible for its care afterward so make sure you have an ice chest ready to go.

Camera – with all the guarantees of fish being made from the guides you want to be able to document your catch and all the fun had by your group.

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Summary

Overall you’ll find many excellent Lake Texoma fishing guides. Our goto fishing guide is Sparky’s Guide Service as we’ve fished with them for well over 10 years. May the weather be pleasant and the fish abundant on your next trip to Lake Texoma!

If you are the adventurous type and want to go at it along you can rent a boat, grab a Lake Texoma fishing map, check out the Lake Texoma fishing report and head out for a fun day at the lake.