Lake Texoma Fishing License

Fishing is such a common pastime, especially here in Oklahoma. Whether it be for sport, fun, or food, there is something quite appealing about this activity. Fishing overall can be just a relaxing escape from your day to day norm or routine.

Growing up, you may remember the times spent fishing in a backyard or local pond just for enjoyment without expectations of exactly what the turnout was going to be. Now that you’re interested in fishing still for the fun of it but want to try out more spots that may be more populated fish wise, or just because of the location that enforces it, a license is going to be needed.

Follow this guide that will assist in understanding what a fishing license is, why it is required, and the types you will choose from. Also, you’ll find details regarding the Lake Texoma fishing license.

Fishing Licenses are Required

A fishing license is required due to the act of protecting the different fish populations. You may wonder why this is important or why it can be expensive, but there are reasons behind it that make sense. The money from purchasing a license can go toward stocking fish to ensure the possibility of a catch. The profits can also go toward conducting research and even habitat programs such as clean-ups.

No Age Limit to Fish

There really is no age limit to fishing. Both young and old can enjoy it just the same. This also means no age limit on obtaining a license for fishing. Most likely you will find that fishing licenses can be free for those under the age of 11.

The Fishing License

By law, a fishing license is mandated, however, the regulations will vary from state to state. Be sure to research this depending on the location you choose to fish at since you may even need to obtain two different licenses, including a conservation license.

A conservation license is basically a prerequisite to the second license if needed. You may obtain this one from the FWP (Fish, Wildlife, and Parks). In order to get this, the information will be requested including your social security number and a valid ID with a photo for security reasoning.

With the fishing license, you basically have the right to engage in fishing and possessing the fish itself, all while abiding by the authorized regulations of that specific location. Keep in mind that this license is non-refundable/transferable.

When it comes to varying regulations from state to state, a fishing license may be a resident or non-resident type of license. In order to qualify for a resident fishing license, the person must have resided in that specific location for a certain amount of time, including as little as 6 months.

Other resident license qualifications may include being a local taxpayer, having purchased a vehicle, being a registered voter, and having a valid driver’s license issued to that state.
A non-resident license will be for those who are residents of a different state, or if they have resided in that state for a less amount of time in order to be considered a resident under the license qualifications.

Oklahoma and Lake Texoma Fishing Licenses

Fishing in Oklahoma may be simpler than others. Being a resident, you will have a few options, all at an affordable rate. The options are annual, 2 days, 5 years, and a lifetime fishing license along with the youth and senior types as well.

As for Lake Texoma, two licenses will in fact have to be obtained. One license will be the Oklahoma Fishing license, and the other being a Lake Texoma Fishing license. This will be the only lake in Oklahoma where it will also have its own license needed.
The reason for the extra license needed at Lake Texoma is due to the fact that it is located between two states, Oklahoma and Texas.

Therefore, you will need either the Oklahoma or Texas license along with this specific one.

Why fish here at Lake Texoma?

If you are into Striper fishing, this may be your hot spot if you’re lucky. There are several different spots around the lake including the North Island and West Burns Run that has been the best rated for fishing with great outcomes.
Guided tours are also great fishing opportunities at Lake Texoma.

You can choose Striper tours and even those with bow fishing. Even though these tours are through guides, you still will need to obtain both fishing licenses.

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