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by Ray Roman Updated on Feb 29, 2024

Nestled in the southern region of the Sooner State, Durant, Oklahoma is an inviting destination that offers a rich blend of cultural history and modern attractions.

As the headquarters of the Choctaw Nation and the “Magnolia Capital of Oklahoma,” Durant charms visitors with a warm, small-town atmosphere coupled with a strong Native American heritage.

Whether you’re strolling through the historic downtown, participating in a tribal festival, or exploring the nearby Lake Texoma, Durant provides an array of experiences that reflect the town’s vibrant community spirit.

Durant OK

When it comes to outdoor activities, Durant doesn’t disappoint. The proximity to Lake Texoma State Park opens up a treasure trove of nature-based pursuits like camping, fishing, and hiking.

Those seeking entertainment will find the Choctaw Casino Resort a hub for games, concerts, and events. Within the city limits, a diverse culinary scene awaits, offering everything from hearty Southern fare to international cuisine, while various lodging options ensure a comfortable stay for every traveler.

Key Takeaways

  • Durant is a cultural hub in Oklahoma with small-town charm and a strong Native American presence.
  • The city offers numerous outdoor activities, including water sports and nature exploration at Lake Texoma.
  • Visitors can enjoy a variety of dining experiences and comfortable accommodation options.

Exploring Historic Durant

When in Durant, Oklahoma, you’re poised to uncover the region’s captivating history. This guide directs you to prominent landmarks where stories of the past are preserved and recounted.

Museum of Southern Oklahoma

Located at the heart of Durant, the Museum of Southern Oklahoma is your first stop for a deep dive into the local heritage. Here, you’ll find a diverse collection chronicling the rich tapestry of Southern Oklahoma’s past, including Native American artifacts and settler history.

Fort Washita Historic Site

Step back in time at the Fort Washita Historic Site, a military stronghold dating back to 1842. As a pivotal site during the Civil War, this fort offers you a glimpse into the strategy and survival of soldiers and citizens during tumultuous times.

Three Valley Museum

Your journey through Durant’s history isn’t complete without visiting the Three Valley Museum. It showcases life in Durant through different eras with a focus on everyday artifacts. From old storefront recreations to antiques, this museum paints a vivid picture of the Durant community across the decades.

Outdoor Adventures

Durant, Oklahoma, offers a rich variety of outdoor activities, from scenic nature spots to state-of-the-art sports facilities. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature or engage in active recreation, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States, and it’s a prime spot for fishing, boating, and camping. You can rent a cabin or set up a tent at one of the many campgrounds around the lake.

Known for its striped bass, Lake Texoma is an angler’s dream. If you prefer a more relaxed visit, the serene shores offer the perfect backdrop for picnicking and bird watching.

Durant Multi-Sports Complex

If you’re seeking a place to stay active, the Durant Multi-Sports Complex provides top-notch facilities for a host of sporting activities. You can play soccer, baseball, or softball across the well-maintained fields.

The complex also hosts tournaments throughout the year, which you might be interested in joining or watching during your visit.

Dining in Durant

Durant offers a diverse culinary landscape, allowing you to indulge in both home-cooked local flavors and international dishes. You’ll find restaurants that cater to every palate, from classic American fare to exotic global cuisines.

Local Eateries

For an authentic taste of Durant, start with local eateries where the community’s heart beats strong. Relish in the hometown barbecue at Main Street Barbecue, where the aroma of smoked meats fills the air. Don’t miss the home-style comfort of Magnolia Cafe, a local favorite known for its friendly vibe and selection of homemade pies.

  • Main Street Barbecue: Hearty sides, smoked meats
  • Magnolia Cafe: Turkey and dressing, homemade pies

International Cuisine

Your culinary journey extends beyond American borders in Durant. Experience an unforgettable night at 1832 Steakhouse, found inside Choctaw Casino Resort, where the menu promises both succulent steaks and exquisite seafood.

For a more relaxed outing, explore the flavors of Mexico at various local restaurants that serve up everything from spicy tacos to savory enchiladas.

  • 1832 Steakhouse: Premium meats, fresh seafood
  • Mexican Delights: Tacos, enchiladas, and more

Accommodation Options

As you plan your visit to Durant, OK, finding the right place to stay is crucial for a comfortable experience. Durant offers a range of accommodation options to fit various preferences and budgets.

Hotels and Inns

Durant boasts a selection of hotels and inns providing modern amenities and easy access to local attractions.

For a stay with all the essentials and a touch of comfort, consider the Holiday Inn Express or the well-reviewed La Quinta Inn & Suites. Both offer convenient locations with a range of facilities to ensure your stay is enjoyable.

Bed and Breakfasts

For a more personalized experience, Durant’s bed and breakfasts offer a homey and intimate setting. This option is perfect if you’re seeking a cozy atmosphere with a local touch. While specific B&Bs in Durant aren’t listed here, you can expect personalized service and a charming stay.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

If you prefer the great outdoors, the RV parks and campgrounds around Durant provide a natural retreat. Lake Texoma State Park offers spaces for your RV or camping spots if you’re looking to sleep under the stars. It’s an ideal choice for nature lovers and those who love outdoor activities.

Events and Entertainment

Durant, Oklahoma, offers a vibrant array of events and festivals that cater to a variety of interests. Whether you’re captivated by cultural celebrations or live performances, you’re sure to find entertainment that will enrich your visit.

Magnolia Festival

The Magnolia Festival is an annual event in Durant that ushers in the summer with a bang. Your experience at this festival includes a mix of carnival rides, live music, craft vendors, and a much-anticipated parade.

This family-friendly event typically runs in late May or early June, giving you a chance to embrace the local culture and community spirit.

Choctaw Powwow

Experience the rich traditions of the Choctaw Nation at the Choctaw Powwow, a significant cultural gathering held in Durant.

This event invites you to witness the splendor of Native American dance competitions, indulge in traditional foods, and enjoy the crafts of artisans. The Choctaw Powwow is an unforgettable celebration of heritage taking place every fall.

Live Music and Theater

For music and theater enthusiasts, Durant’s lively arts scene is not to be missed. You can catch impressive [live performances] at venues like the Choctaw Grand Theater, which hosts a diverse lineup from country music stars to comedic acts.

The area’s local theater productions also provide a space for captivating plays and musicals that are sure to impress.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find concise answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about visiting Durant, Oklahoma, covering events, attractions, dining, activities, accommodations, and romantic spots.

What are some notable events taking place in Durant, OK?

Durant hosts a range of events yearly, including the Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival, which offers cultural exhibitions and entertainment. Additionally, the Magnolia Festival features a carnival, live music, and vendors.

What are the top attractions to visit when at Choctaw Casino in Durant?

At Choctaw Casino, you’ll find not only a variety of gaming options but also venues like The District, where you can enjoy bowling, arcade games, and movies, as well as frequent live performances by renowned artists.

Can you recommend popular dining options in Durant, OK?

In Durant, you can satisfy your appetite at local favorites like Roma Italian Restaurant for hearty Italian dishes or Ceviche for a fusion of Latin flavors.

What activities are available for someone visiting Durant, OK today?

Visitors can explore the outdoors at Lake Texoma State Park, see the World’s Largest Peanut monument, or engage in the rich local history at the Three Valley Museum.

What accommodation options are available in Durant, and how do they compare?

Durant offers a range of accommodation options from luxurious stays at the Choctaw Casino & Resort to budget-friendly hotels—each promising comfort and Southern hospitality to enhance your visit.

Where are the best spots in Durant, OK for a romantic date?

For a romantic outing, enjoy a picturesque sunset stroll at the Durant Multi-Sports Complex, or indulge in an intimate dinner at a fine restaurant like the Main Street Barbecue for its cozy ambiance.

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