Lake Texoma State Park: A Guide to Family Fun and Adventure

by Ray Roman Updated on Apr 11, 2024

Nestled on the border between Oklahoma and Texas, Lake Texoma State Park draws outdoor enthusiasts with a diverse array of recreational opportunities and natural beauty.

As one of the largest reservoirs in the United States, this park offers something for everyone.

Visitors can enjoy a vast landscape that caters to fishing, boating, swimming, and wildlife viewing. With its sprawling waters and scenic shores, the park serves as a gateway to adventure and relaxation alike.

Sunset over Lake Texoma State Park, with vibrant colors reflecting off the calm water and silhouettes of trees lining the shore

Our experiences at Lake Texoma State Park are complemented by well-maintained amenities and facilities, which include campgrounds, picnic areas, and trails that welcome hikers of all skill levels.

The park’s commitment to conservation and wildlife management ensures that the natural habitats remain preserved and vibrant, providing a home to various species and an educational experience for nature lovers.

Key Takeaways

  • Lake Texoma State Park is a haven for aquatic activities and nature exploration.
  • The park boasts a wide range of visitor amenities, including campgrounds and marinas.
  • Collaborative efforts in conservation help protect the area’s diverse ecosystems.

History and Background

Lush greenery surrounds the tranquil lake, with a rustic wooden pier stretching into the water. A clear blue sky and distant mountains complete the serene setting

Lake Texoma State Park is steeped in a rich history that we find both intriguing and inspiring. The story of Lake Texoma is a testament to human engineering and nature working in harmony.

  • Formation: Begun in 1939, the construction of Denison Dam on the Red River was an extensive effort that lasted until 1944, creating what we now know as Lake Texoma.
  • Purpose: Originally designed for flood control and hydroelectric power production, the lake has also become a hub for recreation and environmental stewardship.

The park itself offers us a glimpse into the natural beauty and history of the region. It’s a haven where we can immerse ourselves in outdoor activities and appreciate the work done to preserve this area.

  • Recreational Development: Since its creation, Lake Texoma has become the most developed lake within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tulsa District, hosting approximately 6 million visitors a year.

Our endeavors to maintain the ecological integrity of this place ensure that it remains a cherished destination not just for us today, but for future generations as well.

From its storied past, including the landmark construction that shaped its shores, to its present-day status as a jewel in the crown of Oklahoma parks, Lake Texoma State Park is a true gem we are proud to explore and protect.

Geography and Topography

Rolling hills meet the tranquil waters of Lake Texoma at the state park. Lush greenery surrounds the lake, with rocky cliffs in the distance

In the heart of the Southern Great Plains, our Lake Texoma State Park showcases a diverse geography sculpted by the Red and Washita Rivers. With rolling hills, rocky outcroppings, and sweeping vistas, the park offers a stunning glimpse into the geological past and rich ecosystems of the region.


Our park lies on a foundation primarily composed of sedimentary rocks, including limestone and sandstone, which tell a story of ancient seas and vigorous erosion.

The reservoir itself, nestled between Oklahoma and Texas, refreshes a large basin that was carved out by the power of water over countless years. The elevation around Lake Texoma varies, creating an intricate dance of land and water.

Flora and Fauna

We’re home to a tapestry of plant and animal life. Majestic oaks and hickory trees form robust canopies, while smaller shrubs and wildflowers add splashes of color to the rugged landscape.

Our fauna is equally diverse, with creatures ranging from the thriving populations of striped bass in the water to the white-tailed deer roaming the parklands. Birdwatchers in our midst delight in sighting rare and migratory species that make the area a birding paradise.

Recreational Activities

In our visits to Lake Texoma State Park, we’ve found an array of activities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Whether we’re looking to reel in a big catch, explore scenic trails, or simply enjoy a night under the stars, this park has something for us all.


At Lake Texoma, we’re in one of the premier striped bass fishing spots in the southwest. Anglers among us can enjoy a day on the water aiming for that prize catch. Remember, the lake is known as the Striper Fishing Capital of the World, offering us a challenging and rewarding experience year-round.


We have the opportunity to take on various trails within the park, where we can immerse ourselves in the local flora and fauna. Hiking paths provide varying degrees of difficulty, catering to both our casual walkers and seasoned trekkers. We’re encouraged to bring our binoculars to enhance our wildlife viewing opportunities.


Our camping experiences at Lake Texoma State Park can range from pitching a tent in the wilderness to enjoying the comfort of available facilities. We have access to well-maintained campgrounds perfect for our night or weekend escapes. Amenities such as picnic areas and fire rings add to our camping adventure.

Amenities and Facilities

At Lake Texoma State Park, we provide a variety of amenities to enhance your visit. Whether you’re looking to stay overnight or just spend the day, we’ve got you covered with comfortable lodging choices and scenic picnic areas.

Lodging Options

Tent Camping and RV Sites: Our camping options are versatile, catering to your preference for either tent camping or RV stays. We offer approximately 88 full hookup RV sites and 41 RV sites with water and electric.

For those who love sleeping under the stars, there are 200 tent sites available to make your outdoor experience truly memorable.

Additionally, the on-site Rally Campground provides an open grass area with 16 electric clusters, accommodating up to four units each with 30 amp electric and water service. If you want to know more about the facilities for an overnight stay, you can find more information here.

Picnic Areas

Scenic Spots for a Perfect Picnic: We invite you to enjoy our well-maintained picnic areas that are perfect for family gatherings or a peaceful meal in the embrace of nature.

Whether you are celebrating an event or looking for a quiet spot to enjoy your lunch, the picnic areas at Lake Texoma State Park provide a beautiful backdrop for making memories.

Conservation and Wildlife Management

At Lake Texoma State Park, we are deeply committed to conservation and the management of local wildlife.

Our joint efforts with organizations such as the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) aim to preserve the lake’s natural resources.

  • Habitats: We maintain diverse habitats for a variety of species:
    • American lotus
    • Water willow
    • Floating heart
    • Bushy pondweed
  • Fishing Regulations: To protect our precious fish populations, we’ve implemented regulations and a Texoma fishing license that spans both Texas and Oklahoma, allowing anglers to fish responsibly.

Our dedicated biologists routinely monitor fish species through methods like electrofishing and netting. This assures we’re always up-to-date on the health and numbers of our fish, which include:

  • Blue catfish
  • Channel catfish
  • Striped bass

Additionally, aquatic vegetation control and monitoring of algae levels are conducted to prevent blooms that could disrupt the lake’s ecosystem. We encourage visitors to check the USACE Tulsa District website for any advisories.

By setting aside large areas for wildlife, such as the Texoma-Washita Arm Wildlife Management Area, we create sanctuaries that flourish and support not only the wildlife but also provide enjoyment for us all.

We are proud of our efforts in conservation and wildlife management and invite you to experience the natural beauty responsibly. Join us in preserving Lake Texoma’s rich ecosystem for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll provide clear answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Lake Texoma State Park. We aim to help you plan your visit with ease.

What amenities are available at Lake Texoma State Park campgrounds?

Lake Texoma State Park campgrounds offer a variety of amenities including swimming areas, picnic spots, and wildlife viewing. Visitors can enjoy the comforts of stations with showers and boat ramps for easy lake access.

Where can I find a map of Lake Texoma State Park?

To find your way around, detailed maps of Lake Texoma State Park are often available at the park’s entrance or visitor center. Additionally, maps can be downloaded or viewed on the Lake Texoma State Park official website.

Are there any cabins available for rent at Lake Texoma State Park, and how do I book one?

Yes, cabins for rent are available at Lake Texoma State Park. To book a cabin, visitors can contact the park directly or check availability and reserve online through the Lake Texoma State Park accommodations page.

Does Lake Texoma State Park offer options for glamping?

Currently, Lake Texoma State Park does not offer designated glamping facilities. Traditional camping and cabin accommodations are available for those looking to experience the park’s natural beauty.

What are the most popular activities at Eisenhower State Park near Lake Texoma?

Popular activities at Eisenhower State Park include hiking, fishing, and boating. The park also provides scenic spots for picnicking and wildlife observation.

What types of fish can I catch in Lake Texoma?

Lake Texoma is one of the prime locations for striped bass fishing. Anglers in the lake can also catch catfish, black and white crappie, and various other species native to the freshwater environment.

Ray Roman
Ray is the founder/author of Go Lake Texoma. He and his wife Tammy live on Lake Texoma. They created this Lake Texoma visitor's guide to help the millions of visitors yearly enjoy all the great things Lake Texoma has to offer.