Burning of the Socks Lake Texoma 2024

by Ray Roman Updated on Feb 3, 2024

Imagine yourself standing on the shores of beautiful Lake Texoma, ready to bid farewell to cold winter days and embrace the warmth of spring.

When will Burning of the Socks at Lake Texoma take place?

A unique event that’s been taking place since the 1970s, bringing people together to celebrate the changing season – The Burning of the Socks.

Burning of the Socks Lake Texoma

At this quirky tradition, you’ll join fellow lake enthusiasts in a symbolic act of liberation from the trappings of winter.

As the socks go up in flames, it’s not just about the physical act of burning but also signifies warmth, renewal, and the joy of wearing sandals and flip-flops throughout the upcoming season.

This fun-filled event which originated from Bob Turner, who managed the Annapolis Yacht Yard, is now a highlight of the Lake Texoma community calendar Lake Texoma Burning of the Socks 2023.

From beach cleanups to bonfires laden with camaraderie, the Burning of the Socks offers something for everyone looking to celebrate the arrival of spring at Lake Texoma.

As you gather with locals and fellow mariners, savor the warmth of the flames and the forged friendships. When the last sock has turned to ash, you’ll look forward to the sunny lakeside months ahead, with toes anticipating the sweet embrace of sandy beaches and open-toed freedom.

Origins of the Tradition

The Burning of the Socks tradition at Lake Texoma originated from a personal custom of Bob Turner, who managed the Annapolis Yacht Yard in the 1970s. As winter drew to a close, he marked the first day of spring by burning his socks as a tribute to the coming warmer weather.

Turner’s unique way of welcoming spring quickly caught on with others, eventually becoming an annual tradition celebrated not only at Lake Texoma but also in various other marinas and yacht clubs across the country.

Sock burning events like these symbolize the beginning of boating season as you and fellow boaters can finally swap out your warm socks for Sperry topsiders, flip flops, and bare feet.

When you participate, you’re paying homage to Turner’s original custom while appreciating the return of spring and the fun activities it brings. Over the years, the festivities have expanded to include spring equinox celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day, and even charity benefits.

So next time you participate in the Burning of the Socks at Lake Texoma, remember that you’re not just tossing hosiery into the flames.

You’re joining a quirky tradition rooted in a simple act of defiance, a celebration of warmer weather, and the joy of reconnecting with the boating community. Happy sock burning!

Burning of the Socks Lake Texoma Marinas

When you visit Lake Texoma, check out some of the fantastic marinas where the Burning of the Socks event takes place. These marinas are known for their warm community and exceptional services.

At Cedar Mills Marina, you’ll find a beautiful location with a full-service marina offering boat storage and service facilities. It’s an excellent place to relax and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

Flowing Wells Resort is another excellent choice, offering both marina services and luxurious accommodations. With a family-friendly atmosphere and beautiful views, you’ll have a memorable experience.

Highport Marina is considered one of the largest marinas on Lake Texoma, providing top-notch facilities and services. They also host various events, making it an exciting place to explore.

Here are a few more marinas in the area worth mentioning:

  • Bridgeview Marina: Known for its lively events and welcoming atmosphere, this marina usually kicks off its Burning of the Socks event with a flea market and various festivities.
  • Buncombe Creek Marina: This family-owned and operated marina offers a friendly environment for visitors. They provide boat rentals, wet and dry storage, and an on-site restaurant for you to enjoy.
  • Eisenhower Yacht Club: A full-service marina with a range of amenities, including boat rentals and sales, a fuel dock, and slip rentals. The perfect place to dock your boat and enjoy the beautiful Lake Texoma.

So go ahead, take a trip to Lake Texoma, and explore these fantastic marinas while embracing the fun-filled tradition of the Burning of the Socks.

The Celebration

Food and Drinks

As you enjoy the Burning of the Socks at Lake Texoma, you can indulge in a variety of delicious food and refreshing beverages.

Various marinas and resorts provide mouthwatering treats like free hotdogs, chili dogs, and chips for attendees to savor source. A chili cook-off is also a major part of the festivities, so put on your best apron and prepare to taste some amazing flavors from talented participants.

For refreshing drinks, you can sip on complimentary tea and lemonade to wash down those tasty hotdogs and chili dogs. The first 50 participants even take home a free pair of flip-flops, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the warmer weather ahead.


While food and drinks are the heart of the Burning of the Socks’ Celebration, you can expect plenty of exciting activities throughout the day. The event begins with a beach clean-up from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM source, fostering a sense of community and teamwork at Lake Texoma.

The burning of the socks’ bonfire (BYOS) serves as the highlight of the day, where you’re encouraged to throw your old socks into the fire pit to symbolize your embrace of springtime and the warmer weather ahead source. Be sure to bring along your favorite pair of socks to participate in the burning.

For seafood lovers, enjoy a mouthwatering shrimp boil during the event source. The Celebration offers a little something for everyone, ensuring that your attendance at the Burning of the Socks Festival is an unforgettable one.

Remember, the Burning of the Socks at Lake Texoma is a unique experience that allows you to connect with fellow mariners, enjoy great food and drinks, and participate in entertaining activities while welcoming the much-awaited spring season.

Burning of the Socks Lake Texoma

In conclusion, the “burning of the socks” tradition at Lake Texoma embodies the essence of camaraderie and the spirit of the boating community.

This unique event, marking the beginning of the boating season, serves as a reminder of the joy and freedom that comes with casting off the constraints of winter and embracing the warmth and adventure of summer.

As participants gather around the bonfire, sharing stories and laughter, they create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds within this vibrant community.

The annual burning of the socks at Lake Texoma will continue to warm the hearts of its participants and provide a symbolic, lighthearted transition from the chill of winter to the sun-kissed summer days on the water.

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