Lake Texoma Floating Cabins: The Ultimate Waterfront Getaway Experience

by Ray Roman Updated on Dec 31, 2023

Enjoy a memorable experience at Lake Texoma with the unique Lake Texoma Floating Cabins located in Flowing Wells Resort, Pottsboro, Texas. Nestled in a serene cove abundant with fish and wildlife, these accommodations provide a fantastic way to connect with nature while indulging in modern amenities.

You can either rent for a short stay or even purchase your very own floating vacation home at the Flowing Wells Resort, offering waterfront living and breathtaking views.

Experience picturesque sunsets and unparalleled lake views, making your stay at these floating cabins truly unforgettable.

Lake Texoma floating cabins

Amenities of the Floating Cabins Include:

In these floating cabins, you’ll find:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • High-quality finishes
  • A boat slip for convenient access
  • A fully-equipped kitchen
  • Washing machine and dryer facilities

Enjoy stunning sunsets on the water of Lake Texoma from your front porch, making these cabins an exceptional way to experience the beauty of the lake.

Floating Cabins for Rent

For a memorable getaway, reserve one of the lovely floating cabins at Lake Texoma’s Flowing Wells Resort. To book your stay, either visit their website or call 903-786-2930. These rental cabins come equipped with numerous amenities for your comfort and convenience. Please note that a two-night minimum stay is required, and a three-night minimum is necessary during holidays. Enjoy the unique experience of a lake vacation home, whether it’s for a family reunion, a relaxing cruise, or simply some quality lodging.

Floating Cabins for Purchase

Interested in owning a floating cabin? Flowing Wells Resort and Marina in Pottsboro, Texas offers an opportunity to purchase these unique homes. They can serve as your personal weekend getaway or as an investment property to rent out. To learn more about purchasing a floating cabin, contact the resort by:

Located just an hour north of Dallas, this resort provides beautiful and luxurious accommodations. For other options, consider exploring the Lake Murray Floating Cabins as well.

Lake Texoma Floating Cabins Frequently Asked Questions

How can I rent a floating cabin at Lake Texoma?

To rent a floating cabin in Lake Texoma, you can visit the websites or call the offices of establishments like Flowing Wells Resort & Marina or Harbor Village. They typically provide rental options for floating cabins, along with information on availability and reservations.

What’s the usual cost of renting a floating cabin in Lake Texoma?

The average cost of renting a floating cabin in Lake Texoma varies depending on the size, location, and amenities offered. To get an accurate idea of pricing, it is best to check the rental websites or contact the specific resort you’re interested in.

Can I find floating cabins for sale on Lake Texoma?

Yes, floating cabins are sometimes available for purchase on Lake Texoma. Harbor Village at Flowing Wells Resort and Marina, for example, offers luxurious, low-maintenance vacation homes floating on the lake. For more information on availability and purchasing, you can contact the marina or resort where the floating cabins are located.

Do floating cabins at Lake Texoma come with amenities like hot tubs?

Amenities offered in Lake Texoma floating cabins can vary. Some higher-end cabins may include features like hot tubs, while others might not. It’s important to inquire about the specific amenities provided with your rental or purchase.

Is it possible to live full-time in a Lake Texoma floating cabin?

While floating cabins on Lake Texoma are often used as vacation homes, it may be possible to live there full-time depending on the local regulations and the specific floating cabin community. You should check with the marina, resort, or local authorities before planning a full-time residence.

What distinguishes a Lake Texoma floating cabin from a houseboat?

A Lake Texoma floating cabin is a stationary structure built on flotation devices, often designed as a vacation home with various amenities. On the other hand, a houseboat is a mobile vessel that can be navigated and moved on the water. Key differences between the two include mobility, construction, and the intended use.

Ray Roman
Ray is the founder/author of Go Lake Texoma. He and his wife Tammy live on Lake Texoma. They created this Lake Texoma visitor's guide to help the millions of visitors yearly enjoy all the great things Lake Texoma has to offer.